POLICE say a woman was raped in her own home by a man posing as a 'workman'.

The incident is reported to have taken place between 2pm and 2.30pm on Saturday, November 18.

"A woman in her 50s was approached by what appeared to be a ‘workman’ as she returned to her home, when he told her the roof of her house in Hartlepool was in need of repair as some of the tiles were loose," a Cleveland Police spokeswoman said.

"After letting the man into the house to approach the rear of the property, the victim was subsequently raped.

"He is described as having an Eastern European accent, around 6ft tall in his 40s and of a broad build. He was wearing dark ‘work’ clothes.

"Police are asking anyone who may have been approached in the area for work to be done on their homes around this time and also any motorists who passed by who may have dash cam footage to get in touch.

"Attacks of this nature are very rare but police are warning the public to be extra vigilant with doorstep callers and to ensure they don’t let strangers into their home without ensuring they are confident there visit is legitimate."

  • Call 101 if you can help