TWO extra consultation events have been scheduled to allow people to have their say on a blueprint for city centre development.

A six-week consultation is taking place to get people’s views on the Durham City neighbourhood plan.

Around 100 people attended the first drop session in Neville’s Cross to hear about the plan and offer their opinions on how to develop it.

Pippa Bell, neighbourhood plan engagement officer, said: “We were delighted by the scale and extent of the response to our first consultation event at Neville’s Cross, so have arranged further meetings to provide additional opportunities for the public to share their views on the Plan. We are grateful to the university for providing the venues.”

The extra sessions will be held at the Palatine Centre, at Durham University, on Monday, November 27, between 12pm-6pm and at Ustinov College, at Sheraton Park in Neville’s Cross, on Tuesday, November 28, from 4pm-8pm.

The plan is available to view at Claypath Library, County Hall and Durham Town Hall and also online at