A CEREMONY is being held this month to unveil a community’s bespoke signage and artwork.

Newfield and Pelton Lane Ends Residents Association has announced a new installation is complete and will be officially launched Thursday, November 30 at 10.30.

The installations include a sword, spear and shield to represent a Bronze Age settlement and a mining wheel, flames and mining banner to reflect the mining heritage.

Railway tracks depict the thriving railway system, once the infrastructure of the villages, while poppies are to remember those who died in war.

Graeme Hopper, the artist responsible for the project, worked with local historian Dorothy Rand, staff and pupils of the school and the residents’ association to create the artwork now placed around the village.

Association spokeswoman Joyce Roberts said: “The large grey area of the school car park has been transformed over the years by the hard work of our group of volunteers, starting with the addition of some simple planters to brighten the area, to what it is today.”