TWO women whose “Neanderthal” behaviour saw them run amok through a town centre before luring police to the scene have been slapped with five-year criminal-behaviour orders.

Abbi Hopwood, 22, and Ashton Bowles, 20, appeared at crown court via video link after being jailed for 13 months each for the offences four weeks ago.

Sentencing judge Paul Batty QC, who branded the pair “utterly lawless” handed down the criminal-behaviour orders to prevent a repeat of what he described as “Neanderthal” behaviour in Catterick Garrison in August, when they smashed up a phone box and brandished a plank of wood and shard of glass after luring police to the scene with a hoax 999 call.

The five year order prohibits them from calling North Yorkshire Police except in genuine emergency or assistance. The ban also applies to other emergency services.

Mr Batty QC, sitting at York Crown Court, told them: “If you breach the order or behave in the way you were at Catterick Garrison… you’ll be in serious trouble. I really do hope that the two of you frankly grow up.”

When he asked how they were getting on in Durham’s Low Newton women’s prison, Bowles said: “It’s alright.”

They told him they were taking part in a drink-rehabilitation programme in prison.

Hopwood and Bowles - who between them have lengthy criminal records, including assaulting police officers and arson, were said to have a deep-seated “hatred” of police.

During the incident in The Broadway, they twice embarked on a drunken trail of destruction on August 4 and 9. They were arrested and bailed after the first incident but returned in the early hours five days later and lured police there with a 999 call.

Bowles threatened officers with a plank of wood while Hopwood was found wielding a piece of broken glass.

Prosecutor Bashir Ahmed said CCTV captured them kicking a phone box and smashing a glass pane. Bowles was then seen swinging the plank around.

When officers approached, she threatened them with it and put up a fight and had to be cuffed.

Hopwood, of Colville Crescent, Colburn, admitted public disorder, criminal damage, making a hoax 999 call and possessing an offensive weapon. Bowles, from Richmond, admitted the same offences.