MPs from across the Commonwealth will be assessing Darlington against international standards in next month’s General Election.

An Election Assessment Mission (EAM) will be conducted between June 4 and 9 by MPs and election officials from Sierra Leone, the Seychelles and Antigua and Barbuda.

The EAM, which is being arranged by the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association UK Branch (CPA UK) as it did in the 2015 and 2010 General Elections, will also observe elections in seven other UK constituencies to oversee polling, counting and post-election complaints and appeals.

The team will comprise of three parliamentarians and one election official, who will monitor Election Day procedures at polling stations, meet with candidates, returning officers, local officials and community groups in order to assess the conduct of the election.

The 2015 Mission’s report highlighted a number of areas for improvement such as preventing political campaigning in nearby polling stations on election day and ensuring polling stations are accessible to those with limited mobility, whilst the 2010 report ensured voters queuing when polling stations close at 10pm can still cast their votes.

Sebastian Pillay, head of mission and MP for Seychelles, said: “Exercising the right to vote is a fundamental part of democracy.

“CPA UK’s EAM will seek to ensure the UK election process is legitimate and representative of the electorate.

“On behalf of the team, we look forwards to engaging with the democratic process in the UK,” he added.

Andrew Tuggy, chief executive of CPA UK, added: “I warmly welcome parliamentarians and election officials from across the Commonwealth and thank them for their commitment – assessing elections upholds the core values of the Commonwealth.”