A CAMPAIGN to raise further awareness over the severity of the Sutton Bank gradient and its risk to motorists has reached another milestone.

The bank, on the A170, is one of the steepest A-roads in England and is often blighted by vehicles getting stuck part way up - particularly lorries.

Sutton under Whitestonecliffe Parish Council has long-campaigned for better signage in the approach to prevent clog-ups and accidents.

Now they have devised an information board in partnership with NYCC Highways primarily for HGV drivers.

The board is sited in a north bound lay-by just south of Thirsk and advises drivers of alternative routes avoiding Sutton Bank.

A reminder that caravans on Sutton Bank are prohibited is also included on the board.

The information board was finalised by North Yorkshire County Council Highways department to ensure it meets the required Highway standards.

County Councillor Gareth Dadd funded it from the locality budget.

Parish Council chairman, Cllr Caroline Artingstoll, said: “The Parish Council was pleased to work with Cllr Dadd and looks forward to further collaborations such as improving signage and an aspiration for a HGV turning facility near to Sutton Bank.”

County Cllr Gareth Dadd added: “I am pleased with the working relationship that we have developed with the Parish Council.

“We all know the issues, and are working hard to try and find sustainable and working solutions.

“This is part of that attempt.”

On average more than 120 goods vehicles per year fail to make the Sutton Bank ascent and require police assistance.