CHRISTMAS came early for a group of volunteers who give up their own time to help others.

Members of the Northallerton Street Angels were out on patrol on a cold December night when the local branch of Pizza Express took pity on them – and cooked up a special treat.

“This is the second occasion that Pizza Express have shown this special act of kindness to the Northallerton Street Angels,” said a spokesman.

“It is a testament to the support that they have from all sectors of the night-time economy.”

The Angels patrol Northallerton town centre every Saturday night from 10pm to 4am and are volunteers who make sure those out enjoying themselves are safe.

As well as basic first aid they even carry flip-flops to help those women who find that high heels weren’t the best fashion choice when it gets to the end of the evening.

The 35 volunteers have carried out around 1,000 hours of patrols since their launch.