AGENCIES investigating a giant sinkhole in Ripon are looking at temporary solutions which might allow residents to return to affected homes.

Over the weekend, officers from Harrogate Borough Council continued to monitor the area of collapsed land which swallowed up back gardens of properties on Magdalen’s Road in Ripon last week.

It is believed 12 homes were evacuated on Wednesday after the hole appeared.

The Northern Echo:

On Monday morning, Harrogate Borough Council and partners from North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, North Yorkshire County Council’s highways department, Yorkshire Water and Northern Powergrid returned to the scene.

They have been looking at how they can allow residents from to return to properties by reopening the sewer which collapsed into the sink hole.

The hole is about 30ft deep and 66ft long.

The Northern Echo: SINK: A view of a large crack on a house in Magadalen's Close, Ripon after a huge 25ft wide sinkhole has opened up in the street in 2014 Picture: PA

A spokesperson for Harrogate Borough Council stated: “An assessment of the ground conditions by the British Geological Survey on Friday (November 11) ascertained that the sinkhole remains a risk, and there is the potential for further slippage around the hole.

“We are maintaining contact with the British Geological Survey for further advice regarding the situation.

“Our main responsibility is to continue to protect the public from any danger. We have ensured the area affected by the sinkhole has been cordoned off and a safety perimeter established to deter anyone from entering the area.

“We will continue to provide advice and support for those affected by the sinkhole.”