AN animal rights campaigner is to run naked through the streets of a Spanish town in protest at an annual bull run.

Emma Phipps, 19, from Sherburn village, near Durham City, will run through Pamplona, in Northern Spain, in protest at the traditional Running of the Bulls, which sees bulls released and killed in the town.

Miss Phipps will join hundreds of members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) taking part in the naked stunt, named the Running of the Nudes, on Thursday, July 5, two days before the bull run.

The naked run will follow the same route as the bull run and is quickly becoming a tourist attraction in its own right.

Many of the protestors will wear nothing but red scarves and plastic horns.

Miss Phipps, who also got naked for the run last year, said: "I'm quite shy really, but I am prepared to strip off if it will stop this cruelty and bring an end to bullfighting in Spain."

Poorva Joshipura, Europe director of Peta, said: "The Running of the Nudes is a win-win-win situation - participants have fun, Pamplona gets tourists and bulls live to see another Spanish sunrise."