AN EXTREME competitive eater has become the first ever person to scoff the UK’s largest mixed grill - wolfing down 10,000 calories in under 45 minutes.

After the challenge at The George Pub and Grill in Stockton, Adam Moran, aka YouTube star BeardMeatsFood, said: “I’m never eating coleslaw again.”

The huge mixed grill included two 8oz steaks, a full rack of ribs, ten onion rings, two full chicken breasts, six rashers of bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, six pork sausages, shredded peri peri chicken, six black puddings, a half pound burger, chips and coleslaw.

Mr Moran, 30, from Leeds, then asked for two fried eggs to be added to his dish and said: “It’s just not a mixed grill without them.”