A MARKET stall holder scored an own goal after being caught selling counterfeit football memorabilia.

Keith Doherty appeared in Teesside Magistrates Court today, where he pleaded guilty to offering Middlesbrough scarves, caps and badges for sale to unsuspecting fans.

The court heard how the 53-year-old, from Sheffield, had a market stall in Stockton High Street during the run up to the UEFA cup final in 2006.

A Stockton Council Trading Standards enforcement officer observed him and carried out a test purchase, establishing that the goods were fakes.

The items, including 168 scarves, seven caps and 300 pin badges, were seized. The court has now ordered that the goods be destroyed.

Doherty was sentenced to 140 hours of unpaid community work, and was ordered to pay £260 court costs after admitting his guilt.

Councillor Steve Nelson, Stockton's cabinet member for housing and community safety, said: "Cases like this are really important because people who sell counterfeit goods rip off the public and damage the reputation of legitimate organisations."