A TEENAGE busker who impressed pop star judges has dramatically left television talent show, The Voice.

Viewers learned 19-year-old Chloe Castro was leaving the BBC programme before Saturday night's first live show.

She said she was quitting due to health reasons.

Miss Castro, who lives in Spennymoor, County Durham, and is a regular busker in Durham City, said: “I have decided to leave The Voice for health reasons.

“I have had a fantastic time and wish all the other contestants all the best in the competition."

Another contestant, Beth Morris, who the BBC said had left for ‘personal reasons’, told The Sun on Sunday that she had relapsed after receiving treatment for a ‘problem with drugs’.

Presenter Emma Willis made the announcement on Saturday's show that the 12 finalists were down to ten before two more, Harry Fisher and Lauren Lapsley-Brown, were voted out of the competition.

A statement issued by the BBC said: “Due to personal reasons which have only just come to light, The Voice producers, the BBC and Beth have agreed that she should withdraw from The Voice.

“Due to health reasons, Chloe has withdrawn from the competition. We wish her all the best."

Miss Morris thanked her coach, Paloma Faith, as she made her exit from the competition.

She said: “Being on The Voice has been the best experience of my life, the production team and contestants have all been incredible and I have loved performing on the show.

"Paloma has also been a great support."

The BBC stressed that Morris and Castro's departures were "unrelated".