CHILDREN have been learning about the harmful effects of sugar on teeth.

Staff from Kingsgate Dental, based on Church Street, Durham City, have visited nearby schools to teach children about reducing their sugar consumption and improving their dental hygiene.

They used games, quizzes and practical exercises to get their messages across.

Dr David Lamb said: “Many parents cook very healthy food for their children and encourage them to eat plenty of fruit or drink smoothies but what many won’t realise is how bad some of this healthy food is for teeth.

“Many people are shocked when we tell them that a fruit smoothie may contain the same amount of sugar as a can of cola so it’s a case of getting the right balance of healthy foods versus the awareness of sugar levels in them which can affect health.”

Helen McDaid, head teacher at St Margaret’s Primary School, said: “The lesson was not only educational but the children had a lot of fun making their teeth go pink and seeing where they needed to brush and enjoyed the quiz.

“I hope it will increase their own awareness about what they are eating and drinking and encourage the whole family to go for regular dental health checks.”