A WOMAN who had been clean of drugs for six months died of an overdose after taking heroin, Teesside Coroner's Court was told on Monday.

Kelly Middleton, 34, of Laycock Street, Gresham, Middlesbrough, had a history of drug and alcohol abuse and her GP told the coroner she had "a very chaotic" lifestyle, often not attending important medical appointments, but attending the Accident and Emergency department of James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough 111 times.

The coroner heard Ms Middleton had learning difficulties as well as suffering from epilepsy, anxiety and depression.

However, she had not touched drugs for at least six months before her death on November 7, last year, although she still drank up to four bottles or cider or lager a day.

She had met with friend Katie Williams on Linthorpe Road and the pair had gone back to Ms Williams' house on Portman Road. Ms Williams, who said her friend was "her usual, merry self," went to the toilet and when she returned found Ms Middleton face down on the floor.

She gave her friend two shots of adrenaline but they didn't work and the ambulance was called. Paramedics attempted CPR for 20 minutes and they later told an investigating policeman that four men had tried to get lighters and cans of lager from the room as they attempted to save Ms Middleton's life.

Acting senior coroner, Claire Bailey, concluded that Ms Middleton died of a drugs-related death.