CROWDS turned out to watch dozens of riders and hounds take part in a traditional New Year's Day hunt in North Yorkshire.

The Derwent Hunt runs across the Ryedale countryside from outside The Hall in Thornton-le-Dale, with dogs and riders on horseback following a scented trail.

Julie Snowden, hunt secretary, said the event had "a lovely atmosphere" and "everyone was in good spirits".

She said: "With a lot of the rain we've had, it's been a bit of a damp season, but we have had a lot of support which has been fantastic and it's gone well.

"There were about 40 out today, riders and hounds, which is slightly less than normal, but I think that's down to the weather which put a lot of people off a bit.

"We've had a lot of followers as well as a nice show of support from non-riders.

"We're very grateful for the support of all the landowners and famers for letting us continue going across their land with horses and hounds and all the other supporters allowing us to continue our sport, without them we wouldn't have it."