A JUNIOR doctor working in the North-East has warned she is already working flat out, and that any proposed extension to her hours, will simply mean she won't be able to look after her patients as well as she would like.

Jo Senior, who works in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the new Emergency Care Hospital in Cramlington, Northumberland, is one of three Junior Doctors currently making video diaries for BBC Newcastle to show, first hand, the kind of pressures they already face.

Junior doctors across England are about to find out if they have voted to take strike action in their dispute with the Government, action which the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt described as "totally unwarranted and action which will harm vulnerable patients."

He said: "Refusing to talk to a Government that wants to improve weekend care for patients and reduce doctors' hours can only damage the NHS." He urged the BMA to re-open negotiations.

But in her video diary, Jo Senior reveals most junior doctors feel they have nowhere left to turn.