SKIDERP bonny lads and lasses, a git canny bewk about Sunlun is in the shops – and its author hopes to raise hods of dosh for charity.

The Mackem Dictionary captures the rich range of words and phrases commonly used on Wearside, with tongue-in-cheek definitions for the benefit of those in need of translation.

As well as a definition, each word or phrase includes a handy example sentence to help guide the learner through the quirks of the Sunderland dialect.

Well worth a squiy, the book has been created by artist and photographer Paul Swinney, in collaboration with Sunderland-based publishers ALS.

Proceeds from the dictionary will be donated to Sunderland AFC's charity, the Foundation of Light.

It went on sale earlier this month and has already shot to the top of the local best-seller charts.

The Northern Echo:

Mr Swinney said: "The aim of the dictionary is to celebrate the unique elements of the Mackem accent and its phrases.

"The whole thing started from posting a Mackem word of the day on Facebook and Twitter.

"The response I received was overwhelming, it was great to see how much pride people have in our city. So I went away, expanded the idea and made it into a book.

"At only £5, it's the perfect stocking filler or secret Santa present, and should have pride of place in every discerning Mackem's coffee table or book shelf or even in their toilet.

"And I'm really pleased to be able to give the proceeds to the Foundation of Light.

"They do a lot of great work in our community and I want this celebration of our culture to be able to support that."

Martyn McFadden, from The Foundation of Light's development board and publishers ALS, said: "We're delighted that Paul asked us to be involved with this project and that all the proceeds from the book are going to the Foundation.

"I've followed Paul's posts on social media and love the way the book captures the wit of Wearside and our city's unique culture."

The book is on sale at the Sunderland, Durham, Darlington, Newcastle and MetroCentre branches of Waterstones, as well as the official Sunderland AFC club shop, the supporters association shop and the ALS shop near the Stadium of Light.

It can also be ordered online at

Top 10 Mackem Musings

1. Skiderp – excl. A welcoming greeeting to a friend, eg: "Skiderp marra, how yer deeun?"

2. Marra – n. A person to whom one has a close mutual bond, eg: "Nee bosh marra, just giz it when yer get paid."

3. Git – adv. To a significant degree, eg: "She's git lovely er, like, dee owt for yer."

4. Bewk – n. A written or printed work consisting of pages glued together along one side and bound in covers, eg: "A need ter gerra new bewk fer ower Luke."

5. Sunlun – n. Sunderland. A city by the sea in the North-East of England, eg: "A proper love Sunlun, me like."

6. Hods – pr. An abundance of, eg: "Me dar's gorrus hods er new games fer me compewter."

7. Squiy – n. The act of fixing one's gaze on a particular object or person, eg: "Ha'way man, giz a squiy an' all."

8. Clays – n. Items worn to retain one's decency, eg: "Der yer not wesh yer clays in youer 'ouse, like?"

9. Nivver – adv. Not at any time or occasion, eg: "Eeeee, nivver in the world!"

10. Looker – excl. Used in a direct manner to introduce a warning, eg: "Looker man, if yer dinnet wind yer neck in, al wind it in fer yer!"