TAMPONS are being given out at a North-East foodbank because women can not afford sanitary products.

The Salvation Army is stepping in to help women and girls afford sanitary products in Darlington.

Tampons are now being handed out by the Darlington Citadel foodbank after volunteers became aware of the issue.

Major Colin Bradshaw called for donations of sanitary products, saying: “We knew that the women coming to our foodbank for a £2.50 bag of food might not be able to afford tampons or pads.

“Some women confessed to having to use and wash handkerchiefs during their periods.

“When tampons and pads are donated we give them out and the response has been heartfelt gratitude.

“Nobody has abused this because they know another woman may need the tampons.”

Anyone who can donate sanitary products or money for them can contact Major Bradshaw by calling 01325 380994 or emailing colin.bradshaw@salvationarmy.org.uk.