ANTI-AUSTERTIY campaigners took to the streets to rail against Government budget measures they say are hitting the poorest hardest.

Members of Darlington TUC took to High Row in Darlington today (Wednesday, July 8) to oppose the Chancellor’s emergency austerity budget.

The protest was part of activities taking place in most towns across Britain building upon the successful 250,000 strong ‘No to Austerity’ demonstration in London held on June 20.

Alan Docherty of Darlington TUC said that trade unions were providing the only real opposition to austerity and it was important to get their message out to the public.

“I think we have got to show to people that there are organisations that are prepared to take the government on,” said Mr Docherty.

“The measures that they (the Government) are going to pursue are going to hit people in the pocket.

“We have got to fight back and demand a living wage and the only organisations that are doing that are the unions.”