A DOG breeder will be sentenced next month after admitting new charges arising from an attack by his American Bulldogs on a 63-year-old man.

Stephen Potts, who had an arm amputated after himself being attacked by two of his other dogs only a month before, may now face restrictions on his dog ownership.

The fate of six of his dogs is now in doubt as the prosecution may seek destruction orders on those which played a part in the incident, in Low Pittington, near Durham, on October 21 last year.

Meanwhile, Potts’ co-accused, 68-year-old family friend Patricia Ayre, walked free from court after charges against her were dropped.

Today’s dramatic developments in the case arose on what was to be the second day of the trial of Potts and Mrs Ayre.

They each denied seven counts of being in charge of dogs which, while dangerously out of control, caused injury to Lindsay Edwards.

Mr Edwards gave evidence on the opening day of the trial describing how the pack of dogs ran at him from the direction of a field where they were exercising off their leads, near to the footpath where he was walking his son’s Staffordshire Bull Terrier Zumo.

The retired teacher suffered six bites and other injuries to both legs, his forearms and head, but he was unable to say which of the seven dogs being exercised by Potts and Mrs Ayre was responsible for which injury.

In the light of his evidence, prosecutor Shaun Dryden today applied to amend the charges. Following discussions with the reviewing lawyer in the case and with the agreement of defence counsel and judge Christopher Prince, six new charges of being in charge of dogs dangerously out of control were put to Potts, who pleaded guilty.

Mr Dryden offered “no evidence” on the original seven counts and on the directions of Judge Prince the jury recorded formal not guilty verdicts.

Mrs Ayre, of Rosedale Cottages in Sedgefield, was therefore discharged while sentence on 48-year-old Potts, of Coronation Crescent, Low Pittington, was adjourned until July 24 by Judge Prince. Potts cannot keep dogs until that date.