A TINY film production company that started life in a front room has clinched a deal with Japanese motor conglomerate Honda.

Izon Audio Visual Limited, based on a small industrial estate in South Church, near Bishop Auckland, has been signed up to work on an interactive online project.

The business, set up by friends Paul Thompson and David Hopkins, started out making electronic business cards. They previously worked out of Mr Hopkins' home.

They will team up with the largest engine manufacturer in the world, which has operations around the world.

They will produce a website and film a video for the Honda Motorcycle Appreciation Course (Mac) training scheme.

The course was set up in response to an increasing number of late to middle-aged riders returning to biking after a number of years, and is also used by the police.

Mr Thompson said that Izon was approached a few months ago, but the project had only recently begun to take shape.

He said: "It is a big one for us, and it is very interesting. We will be shooting some of their bikes for an online video.

"Filming is coming up, probably in Nottingham, which will feature some of their bikes, and we are working on the online internet site at the moment.

"There will be a section where people can enter information like their age and other details to match the kind of course that would best suit them.

"We got put in touch with Honda Mac by some contacts within the industry who we have worked with before.

"After a few meetings and discussions, we put together something for them to show what we could do, which they really liked."

As well as the Honda project, Izon's small team is planning to film a one-hour documentary about The Great North Tattoo Show, which takes place in Newcastle in August.

Staff have also produced a pilot show of a new Tube-style music programme for unsigned bands, filmed in Sunderland, which has attracted interest from television companies.