A MAN whose garden shed looks more like a mini-church is hoping to return a set of stained-glass windows worth thousands of pounds to public use.

Sid Hogg, 71, who lives in Stockton, rescued the windows from St John's Church, in the town's Durham Road, after he formed a boxing club in the church hall more than 30 years ago.

The church, which was later demolished, had fallen into a state of disrepair and vandals smashed many of the windows.

Mr Hogg asked if he could take some of the stained glass home for safekeeping, and they ended up as windows in his shed.

He and his wife are moving home, and he is keen to hand the Victorian artwork, valued at more than £200,000 at today's prices, back to the Church.

He said: "I have never thought of them as mine. They may have been in my keeping, but I don't think they are mine to sell. They belong to the Church and the people. I can't take them with me, and I don't to leave them behind to get broken or stolen."

He added: "I would like the churches to get together and come up with a decision that will benefit everybody."