MORE than 49,000 households across Middlesbrough will soon have the Safer Communities Directory 2007 delivered to their homes, in a bid to make the town a safer place to live.

The comprehensive guide will contain useful contact numbers including the police, fire service, local council and other public, private and voluntary sector organisations which provide community safety services.

The booklet has been introduced by Middlesbrough Council's safer communities team, the Crime Services Agency and their partners who hope to work together with residents to help reduce the fear of crime. It also highlights the range of community safety volunteering opportunities that are available to residents, with the hope of encouraging them to get actively involved in making Middlesbrough safer.

Joy Nolan, safer communities manager, said: "The range of community safety services and opportunities available to Middlesbrough residents is phenomenal. I hope this directory will help them access that help and support."

Barry Coppinger, executive member for community safety and leisure, said: "Delivering safer and stronger communities is a key priority for Middlesbrough Council and its partners. We have achieved significant reductions in crime and the fear of crime over the years, but we know we still have more to do to drive crime down further. This booklet is testament to our belief that we need to work more closely with, and within, the community to develop local solutions for local problems."