AN ACCLAIMED German orchestra is visiting the region for a week of performances at venues in Darlington and Sunderland.

Founded in 1980, the famous Mülheimer Zupforchester (MZO) is one of Germany’s premier plucked orchestras.

The MZO regularly excels in national and international festivals and competitions and since has continuously won prizes on the national stage.

During their week’s stay in Darlington, the orchestra will play three concerts; the first on March 31 at Carmel College, John Caden Hall at 7.30pm; the second on April 1 at Sunderland University North Shore at 7.15pm and the final concert at Dolphin Centre, Central Hall on April 2 at 7.30pm.

They will also visit York, Durham, Sunderland and Whitby during their stay.

Their trip is funded by the Goethe Institute and the German Foreign Office and therefore tickets are on sale at £6 each or £10 for both Darlington concerts, to cover local costs only. Tickets are available from the venues or from Tom Nutt 01325-360953 or – you can also pay at the door.