A FAMILY is working its way through a wishlist of adventures after vowing to fulfil the dreams for their terminally ill son.

Despite being born prematurely, Zach Parnaby appeared perfectly healthy until last November when he stopped moving around.

On Christmas Eve the 20-month old, from Spennymoor, County Durham, was diagnosed with a rare and terminal disease called Krabbe Leukodystrophy.

Zach had just about mastered walking when he was diagnosed, but a rapid onset of symptoms means he is now unable to walk, stand, use his arms or hands and is fed via a tube.

Parents Ben and Lindsey Parnaby, both 29, who used to live in Cockfield, near Bishop Auckland, have made a promise to cram as many good times as they can into his life by creating a bucket list for Zach.

Mrs Parnaby said: “Myself, Ben and our family are devastated with this, however, we have made an agreement that Zach's life will continue as normal, but in the short time that we may have we plan to achieve a lot.

“We have excellent support from our family and friends, but with some of the things we want to achieve for Zach may need to reach out to other people for some help.”

Top of the list is helping to find a cure for Krabbe disease, which is a genetic disorder of the nervous system, and to campaign for the condition to be screened for at birth.

To do this they are raising awareness of the charity Save Babies UK.

Mrs Parnaby said if they had been offered a pinprick test at birth, and discovered that Zach had the condition, a bone marrow transplant could have given him a normal life.

The couple also want their son to meet some of his favourite people and characters, including Mickey Mouse, Fireman Sam, Santa and a Newcastle United footballer.

They also want him to swim in the sea, build a snowman, ride a red London bus, take a boat trip, see a waterfall and own a dog.

Mrs Parnaby said: “The things we are generally doing aren’t out of the ordinary.

“But we just have to squeeze it into such a short space of time whilst he is aware.”

A Go Fund Me webpage set up for Zach has raised more than £7,000. It can be found at gofundme.com/apromiseforzach