POLICE have seized a number of guns from the North-East man who posted a decapitated fox head on his Facebook page.

His actions sparked fury amongst animal lovers who set up a page demanding to have him kicked off the social media site.

They also called on the police and RSPCA to investigate the incident.

The man lives in the Hartlepool area and a Cleveland Police spokeswoman said today (Friday, January 16) that their enquiries are continuing.

She added: “Officers have seized a number of legally-held firearms from a 44-year-old male and we are looking into his suitability to continue as a firearms licence holder.”

The RSCPA is also looking in to the matter.

The grisly photograph posted online this week showed a fox’s bloody head impaled on a spike, along with an offensive message aimed at anti-hunt protestors.

It was apparently posted in response to anti-hunt campaigners and others who had complained about previous photographs of dead animals uploaded to facebook by the man.

The group set up calling for him to be banned from the social networking site attracted more than 4,500 supporters in a matter of days.