A DOG dubbed 'the most overlooked in Britain' by staff at a rehoming centre where he has lived for more than seven years say they are delighted the lurcher has finally found a loving home.

Seven-year-old Jed was handed in to the Dogs Trust Darlington, based at Sadberge, as a puppy in 2007, when Tony Blair was still Prime Minister.

Despite patiently waiting, Jed was overlooked by an estimated 14,000 potential new owners until he found his new match just before Christmas.

News of Jed's unenviable position made national headlines last year and he was spotted by Ian Woodcock and Elizabeth Marsh, from Whitby, who visited the rehoming centre to meet him.

After spending a day with him at the centre the couple decided he was the dog for them and took him home, where he now enjoys long walks on the moors, a snooze by the fire and playing with his new collection of toys.

Mr Woodcock said: “Jed is settling in really well and we absolutely adore him, he is always by my side and we already can’t imagine life without him.

"If dogs can have a sense of humour then Jed certainly has one. He is already very attached to my wife and I and he likes to be with us all of the time.

"We are really looking forward to the future with Jed, after so long without a home we can’t wait to make 2015 as special as possible for him.”

Dogs Trust Darlington rehoming centre assistant manager Beverly Watson said: “We are so delighted that Jed had finally found such a fantastic home after searching for so many years.

"He is such a character and we all became so attached to him in all the time he was with us, so it really is the best New Year present we could ask for to see how happy he is.

“I’ve worked in animal welfare for 10 years and to see Jed get rehomed is undoubtedly one of the highlights.”

For more information on any of the dogs looking for a home at Dogs Trust Darlington call 01325-333114 or visit the centre at Sadberge between noon and 4pm each day, except Wednesdays.