POLICE have arrested two students and seized hundreds of pounds worth of sound equipment after raiding a ‘party house’ that had been making life hell for harassed neighbours.

Durham Police said the house on Neville Street, in Durham city centre, had been a problem since Durham University Freshers’ Week, back in early October.

Officers had been called to the property no fewer than five times, with complaints coming from both members of the public and other, more conscientious, students wanting to get down to some reading.

The final straw came in the early hours of Saturday morning (November 29), when police found up to 40 people in the small terraced home, many of whom were drunk and some of whom were urinating or vomiting in the street.

Thumping techno music could be heard in surrounding streets and some partygoers initially tried to block the police entering.

Early this morning (Tuesday, December 1), police returned and seized two four-foot high speakers, four smaller speakers, a mixing desk and an amplifier.

Two men in the early 20s were arrested on suspicion of harassment. They have been released on police bail until February.

Sergeant Kay Howarth, of Durham City neighbourhood policing team, said: “I’d never heard anything like it. It was hideous.

“To live next door would have been really bad.”

Sgt Howarth said the two men arrested were extremely apologetic.

“They didn’t realise the impact they were having on people’s lives. They made people’s lives absolute hell.

“They said it had got out of hand.”

She hopes the men will take part in a restorative justice programme, which could mean them meeting their aggrieved neighbours to discuss the problems they caused.

Leaflets explaining this morning’s (Tuesday, December 2) raid have been posted through doors in nearby streets.

Tension has been growing between students and permanent residents, with families abandoning growing parts of the city centre, leaving behind so-called “student ghettos”.

To report anti-social behaviour, call Durham Police on 101.