A COLOSSAL burger weighing nearly five stone is the biggest in the UK, according to staff at a North-East pub.

Chef Graham Harker, from The George, in Stockton, made the burger, which weighed 67lbs, from 48lbs of beef and two 20-inch-wide burger buns.

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Four pounds of cheese and two pounds of mayonnaise were also needed to beat the previous record – a 45lb whopper created by The Bond Hotel in Blackpool in June.

Craig Harker, landlord of The George, said: “We were aiming to do a burger that weighed around 60lbs but Graham got carried away.

“The hardest bit was getting two 20-inch buns specially made – we rang loads of places but no one thought they would be able to do it. Luckily we managed to find a bakery in Hartlepool that had an oven that was big enough.

“Each burger took nearly five hours to cook and we had to time it perfectly so we could reveal it on Friday evening.

“The pub was absolutely packed. We shared out the burger – it was not just cooked to perfection but tasted amazing as well. Although it fed more than 40 people there was about two-thirds left. The dogs ate well that night.”

Christine Harker, who attended the event, said: “It tasted gorgeous - big thank you to Graham for all of his hard work.”

And Ian Gowing, from Stockton, said: “It is only three burgers in a bun, but then you look at the tomatoes and realise how big it actually is.”

It is not the first time the family-run pub has entered the record books. Last year The George created a 20-foot parmo using 100 breaded chicken breasts.

The 27-year-old landlord added: “People travel from all over the country to visit us and customers regularly come in after hearing about our challenges.

“I think we set the standards a bit high last time as this year the customers kept asking what we were going to do.

“We are hoping to do more events like this – I think we will have a burger eating competition next.”

The world's biggest burger was created in Minnesota, USA, in 2012. It weighed more than 2,000lbs and included 16.5lbs of bacon and 40lbs of cheese.