AIRLINE passengers has to endure a nightmare flight with two drunken louts returning from a stag weekend - one of whom bared his buttocks, a court heard.

During the flight from Budapest to Leeds Bradford Airport, Colin George Courtney and Barry John Hogan from Darlington continually shouted and swore.

They refused to be quiet during the safety demonstrations and left their seats with the warning signs still on.

Louise Pryke, prosecuting, told Leeds Crown Court yesterday (August 15) they used “foul and abusive language” in front of children and the elderly and many passengers asked to move.

She said 36-year-old Hogan made crude sexual remarks to a woman passenger and continued swearing, despite the pair being warned by the crew.

Courtney, whose said he had spilled drink down his trousers then took them off and as he walked down the aisle pulled his boxer shorts down, exposing his buttocks.

Miss Pryke said as their loutish behaviour continued for the next 90 minutes a decision was taken to issue them with a warning letter and to ask for their passport details.

However, Hogan screwed his letter up and told cabin staff: “You can’t do anything to me”.

Courtney, aged 28, also refused to give his details. The pair then argued among themselves and almost came to blows.

Police were alerted and officers waiting on the tarmac found them “extremely intoxicated” .

Hogan told them: “I don’t give a f****, it will be a £50 fine and I will be out in the morning," said Miss Pryke.

Katherine Robinson, for Courtney, said: “This was undoubtedly unpleasant and foolish behaviour.”

“He is and has been throughout his adult life a hard working family man, whose fiancée, now his wife was extremely distressed to hear what had happened.”

Tim Capstick for Hogan said he had written an apology to the airline and was in employment.

Courtney, of Ruskin Road, and Hogan, of Parkside, both Darlington were each given 16 weeks in prison suspended for two years with 150 hours unpaid work and an £80 victim surcharge after admitting being drunk on an aircraft.

Recorder Paul Isaacs told the pair: “Your behaviour was loutish, it was unpleasant, it must have made other passengers flight a misery.”

“In day to day life people can avoid drunken loutish behaviour but when you’re on a plane on the way back from Budapest and people behave like this you can’t.”