A POLICE boss has called for domestic violence to be made a new criminal offence.

Ron Hogg, Labour Police and Crime Commissioner for County Durham and Darlington, said tackling domestic abuse was difficult for the police and too often meaningful intervention only came after extreme violence.

“By creating a law related to domestic abuse more holistically, we can recognise the evils of coercive and controlling behaviour in a relationship before they inevitable explode into violence.

“This would offer an invaluable new tool to the police armoury when dealing with such situations,” Mr Hogg, a former senior police officer, added.

“As women represent the vast majority of victims, I am compelled to act on their struggle by one of my key policing priorities – to end violence against women and girls.”

His comments were welcomed by Women’s Aid.

Last month Prime Minister David Cameron said the government would look into creating a separate offence of domestic violence, admitting the UK needed to “get to grips” with the problem.