CHILDREN’S authors Will Buckingham and Thomas Docherty are in the region to meet their young fans.

The pair behind The Snorgh and the Sailor are at Seven Stories, the children’s book museum in Newcastle, from 2.30pm today. (Sunday, February 23)

The picture book is a story about a miserable, marsh-dwelling Snorgh who meets a sailor and goes on an adventure.

The event is being held to celebrate World Book Day on March 6.

Author Will Buckingham said: “It is great to be up in that wonderful city of Newcastle to celebrate World Book Day at Seven Stories.

“I am really excited that The Snorgh and the Sailor is involved in the event.

“World Book Day is a celebration of the way that books are themselves big adventures.

“Good books are ways of exploring new worlds, ways of travelling across huge distances in space and time.

“The Snorgh and the Sailor is a book about discovering the excitement of adventure, and, perhaps more importantly, it is a book about how the best adventures are those that are shared.”