A SEA LIFE attraction has welcomed a new arrival of jellyfish – a species which outdate dinosaurs and some believe will take over the oceans.

The Sea Life Centre at Scarborough has created a new attraction dedicated to the strange and resilient creatures – which have no hearts or brains but have lived in the oceans for more than 650 million years, outdating sharks and even dinosaurs.

The new Jellyfish Discovery includes five different species from the edible and spotted jellyfish to the sea nettle. They are housed in high tube tanks with multi-coloured spotlights to show them to their best effect.

The Sea Life Centre’s Amy McFarlane said they were fascinating to both look at and learn about: “They are also amongst the most resilient of sea creatures, able to survive wider ranges of salinity, acidity and temperature than most other species.

“That makes them superbly adapted to plug the gaps when other species decline, which is why there have been huge swarms of jellyfish appearing in recent years.

“Some scientists believe that jellyfish are poised to take over the oceans.”