ENGLAND’S biggest county has further confirmed its place as a popular location for film-makers.

Duncombe Park in North Yorkshire was one of the stars – along with Vanessa Regrave and Olivia Colman - of the TV film The Thirteenth Tale, broadcast on the BBC last night (Monday, December 30).

Parts of the adaptation of the bestselling Gothic novel by Diane Setterfield were filmed at the stately home near Helmsley in the summer.

The family estate is run by Jake Duncombe who said: “We were first approached by the executive producer, Rosie Alison, who attended Queen Mary’s School as a boarder when it was located at Duncombe Park.”

Once the deal had been struck the film-makers they quickly made an impression.

“Attempts were made to fly a trained crow through the saloon, fake blood was spattered over fallen trees in the garden and made to ooze down the main house’s stone steps,” he said.

“We were asked not to cut any grass as soon as it started growing. At first, this was quite difficult – we couldn’t resist the temptation to mow – and we were told off for disobeying orders.

“Finally, the location manager relented in allowing us to mow any areas which were certain to be out of shot. We may have quite an impressive crop of dandelions next spring.”