My Westie developed problems climbing stairs and jumping on the coach overnight. My vet took his temperature and siad he had gum problems. He operated but there was no improvement. My dogs legs then gave way completely. He often panted and stared into space for periods - not even responding to his name. My vet put him on metacam. He stopped panting but today he can barely walk. This past week he has lost control of his bowels. My vets says there is something wrong with his spine but he is not in any pain. He has given him a stroke drug (Vit something)and told me to keep him in one room, completely at rest for 8 weeks. What can be wrong with him? I do not know what to do for the best. It seems to me he has no quality of life now. I dont want him to live like that, but I dont want to have him put to sleep unless absolutely necessary.



Dear Kim,
It does sound as if yourdog has a spinal problem which could be due to a disk rupture or protrusion causing pressure against the spinal cord and prevention of nerve transmission to the hind legs. Likewise he could have problems associated with infection or a cancer causing the compression. Myelography radiographs or having having an MRI scan would be needed for diagnosis and then there may be an option of surgical treatment. many of these procedures are specialist things so if finance is available then I woul be looking at requesting a referral for further investigation. where finances are restricted then cage rest along with physiotherapy and remedial massage can be of use. Vivitonin could possibly be of some benefit but at a very low level and you woul dprobably find more benefit in vit e and high levels of fish oils.

Paul Wilson