For the past four weeks he has started vomiting during the mornings only, we have changed his diet gradually and split the food intake into two sessions. He has had his blood test taken but everything has come back normal. Could he be suffering from acidity, and if so what medication if any should he be given? Thanks



Dear Marivic,
You don't say what you feed your dog and how often. Vomiting because of acid would be from a rich once a day diet, more often, so I would be looking to feed at least twice a day - equal meals - and use a fish protein based carb diet. We have a food called Chappie in this country available at all supermarkets that fits this bill. Otherwise, it would be looking at the ingredients of your country's dog foods to find the best. Feed for at least two weeks to see how well the dog fares. Even though the blood tests were normal - which ones? - I would worm the dog with Fenbendazole over at least three days, as well as use a stomach protector. Wormers may be available from a pharmacy, and the stomach protector - there are none licenced in the uk, so people either use egg white, or get succralfate from their vets.

James Haddow