A FLEXI-TICKET scheme that enabled Darlington Football Club fans to hand-pick home matches and save money into the bargain has been reopened.

The club is offering supporters the chance to choose ten games but only pay for eight.

The flexi-tickets come in the form of a booklet of vouchers, which can be redeemed for a match ticket at any time before, and including, the day of the game.

Darlington FC chief executive Jon Sotnick said: "The scheme proved hugely popular with the fans when we first unveiled the flexi- tickets at the start of the season.

"These are ideal for fans who can't afford a season ticket, or perhaps can only make a limited number of games a season.

"There is also the flexibility for the supporters to use them either for themselves game-by-game, or even all ten at once if they decide to treat nine of their mates to a day at the Darlington Arena.

"At this time of the year, it would make an ideal Christmas present for a Quakers fan."

Flexi-tickets are available from the ticket office from today and online at www.darlingtonfc.com

The flexi-ticket, which can only be used for league games, will be available until Saturday, January 13.