THE truth behind one of England’s most misunderstood monarchs is to come under the spotlight over the next year.

A 12-month series of event has been announced to sift fact from fiction about the life of Richard III.

Richard III: Rumour and Reality is a collaborative project inspired by the discovery of the remains of England’s last Yorkist king under a car-park in Leicester last year.

Since his death at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485 his legacy has been hotly disputed – and even now there is a legal tussle taking place over whether he should be buried in Leicester or York.

And the programme of events across York and North Yorkshire will investigate the fiction and the truth of this legacy and bring to life a fascinating period of cultural change.

A number of organsiations are involved including various museums, York University, York Minster, the York Archaeological Trust and English Heritage among others.

The events led by archaeologists, historians and curators will probe York’s wealth of documentary evidence, artefacts and buildings which Richard himself visited.

Alongside a series of summer events, the first six months will be dominated by academic research into the myth and legend surrounding Richard, while activities in 2014 will reveal and share the truths of his reign and relationship with the city.

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