COUNTY Durham’s adopted warship will arrive in the region tomorrow (Wednesday, May 1) for a week-long visit.

HMS Bulwark will sail into North Shields for a visit which will see crew members visiting schools and hospitals and a friendly rugby match staged between a Bulwark XV and Durham University.

The climax will be an industry day which will see Bulwark’s Amphibious Assault vessel used as a venue for a business networking event.

Captain Andrew Burns said: “We are looking forward to our return to the North-East very much.

“We are fortunate to have a close relationship with an area of the country that has delivered fantastic support to the Royal Navy and HMS Bulwark and it is one we are immensely proud of.”

Capt Burns recently signed an affiliation between HMS Bulwark, the Royal Navy’s fleet flagship, and HNLMS Rotterdam, of the Royal Netherlands Navy, recognising the relationship between the two navies and their amphibious forces.

Later in May, Bulwark will visit Liverpool to take part in the commemorations of the 70th anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic.