A COUPLE from Latvia were rescued by lifeboat crews last night (MONDAY) when they were cut off by the tide beneath cliffs at Saltburn.

They were spotted by a member of the public at about 4.45pm stranded at a notorious cut-off point under Huntcliff.

Two RNLI lifeboats from Redcar were dispatched and they found the couple below the 100-metre high cliffs.

Dave Cocks from Redcar RNLI said the smaller D-class lifeboat from Redcar ran in to the cliff base and a crew member stepped ashore.

He gave the couple lifejackets and they were transferred, one at a time, into the lifeboat.

Mr Cocks said: “It was lucky they were spotted when they were because there were still two hours to go before high tide.

“It was a fairly straightforward rescue for our volunteer crews. We get regular launches to ensure people who find themselves trapped by the tide at Saltburn.”

The couple were transferred into the larger Redcar lifeboat and landed at Saltburn, where coastguard officers gave them advice about checking tide times.

Mr Cocks added: "We think they were visitors to the area rather than being residents and this incident highlights the need to take simple precautions. Always check the time of high tide and be aware that you can be cut off at Saltburn up to three hours before high tide.”