COMEDIAN Patrick Monahan swapped the stage for the classroom last week as part of a campaign to inspire young people.

Patrick taught English to a class of students at Darlington School of Maths and Science as part of Teach Firsts campaign Every Child Can, which aims to raise the aspirations of youngers.

He joined leading figures, including politician Boris Johnson, historian Dan Snow and comedian Shappi Khorsandi, who went into schools in low income communities.

The aim is to shine a spotlight on the urgent need to end educational inequality in the UK.

Patrick, from Stokesley, North Yorkshire, said: "I was never very academic as a child, it's only now as an adult that am I interested in reading books and developing my knowledge. I hope that the children take home some new knowledge and experiences from me!"

In today's Britain, the jarring reality is that just over a third of young people from the poorest families receiving free-school meals, will achieve at least five GCSEs A*-C. In the North East there are currently 5,205 children eligible for Free School Meals at Key Stage 4, the critical GCSE year for children. Only 33 per cent achieve at least five GCSEs A*-C, as opposed to 64 per cent of their wealthier peers - below the UK average education attainment rate.

Teach First trains and supports people with leadership potential to become inspirational teachers in schools in low-income communities across the UK. Over the last decade, more than 400,000 young people have been taught by Teach First teachers. Working in partnership with schools, Teach First has helped many young people living in these communities achieve better GCSE results and more positive outcomes.