FORMER miners and their families will be partying as Margaret Thatcher is laid to rest next week.

While many will come to a standstill for the funeral of the former Conservative Prime Minister, who died yesterday, the former pit village of Easington Colliery, in County Durham, will stage two celebrations.

Next Tuesday night, the eve of the St Paul’s Cathedral funeral, women who ran soup kitchens during the 1984-85 Miners’ Strike will toast Mrs Thatcher’s death in Easington Colliery Working Men’s Club.

On the day of the funeral, Durham Miners’ Association (DMA) will stage a party at the same venue.

DMA chairman Alan Cummings said the Durham miners had always said they would throw a party when Lady Thatcher died and there was “nothing crass” about it.

“She’s gone and good riddance,” he added.