GUESTS at Britain's highest pub in Britain have been stranded for four days and counting. (As of Sunday, March 24)

Some visitors to the Tan Hill Inn, near Reeth, North Yorkshire, have been snowed in since Wednesday (Wednesday, March 21) as huge snow drifts and icy conditions prevented them from leaving.

Tracy Daly, landlady of the 17th Century inn, which stands at an elevation of 1,732ft, said she, a worker and the four guests are passing the time playing board games, cooking, reading and going on the internet.

"I am starting to get cabin fever a little bit now though.

"My husband lives down south and I normally go and see him at the weekend, but I am not able to.

"It's sad being separated from him.

"I can see us being stranded for a good few days yet,” she said.

Mrs Daly said she has a month's supply of food to keep her and her guests going if the bad weather continues.

She added: "It would be fun to get food parcels dropped from the sky, like they did in the olden days."

The guests include a couple who checked-in after Mrs Daly and guest Ollie Tempest, 19, from Leeds, rescued them from their car on Thursday.

Alison Bagnall, 46, had been travelling with husband Alastair from Glasgow down to Leyburn, North Yorkshire, when their car became stuck in thick snow.

She said: "God Bless Tracy and Ollie who came out and rescued us and our dog Bon.

"It's not how my husband and I envisaged spending our weekend, but we quite like being marooned in a pub."