A MAN who sexually abused two children was found to have amassed thousands of computer images featuring paedophilia and scenes of bestiality.

Paul Thompson, 53, was today (Friday March 22) told to expect to receive a prison sentence after pleading ‘guilty’ to a total of 28 charges brought against him.

Thompson, of Broom Hill, Stanley, made his first appearance at Durham Crown Court 24 hours earlier, when his barrister, Lewis Kerr, indicated his client was likely to be making admissions following a case conference.

But Judge Christopher Prince remanded him in custody overnight and told Thompson to expect to be jailed on his return to court today.

Once the case was called on Mr Kerr asked for the charges to be put to Thompson.

He admitted 15 counts of making, and one of taking, indecent pictures of children, plus one of possession of 4,931 such images.

Thompson also admitted nine offences of distributing indecent material featuring children, as well as one each of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and engaging in sexual activity with a child.

The court was told that examination of the contents of Thompson’s computer equipment, seized in a raid at his home on September 11 last year, revealed images at all levels of severity for child pornography, as well as some featuring humans engaging in sexual activity with animals.

Mr Kerr said there may be psychiatric issues which need addressing.

He asked Judge Prince to delay sentencing Thompson to allow for the preparation of reports by a psychiatrist as well as by the Probation Service.

Agreeing, Judge Prince said: “The defendant has pleaded ‘guilty’ and will receive a custodial sentence.

“I will remand him back into custody in the meantime.

“Every day he spends in custody now will come off the total amount of time he will eventually have to serve.

“Even if it takes six weeks to obtain the necessary reports nothing is spoiling.”

Addressing Thompson he told him: “The appropriate sentence will be passed on your return in six weeks.

“In the meantime your name will be entered on the Sexual Offenders’ Register and how long it will have to remain there depends on the sentence you ultimately receive.”

Thompson will be brought back for sentence on Friday May 3.