A 104-year-old woman has used the internet for the first time to speak to her nephew on the other side of the world.

Sarah Elgie spent half an hour speaking to her nephew Raymond and his family, who live in Australia, on Skype.

The conversation was organised by Margaret Candler, the activities co-ordinator at the Fields Care Home in Etherley where Mrs Elgie lives.

It was the first time Mrs Elgie has used the computer programme and despite some technical glitches which meant she could not see her nephew on the screen, she said she enjoyed the experience and is now planning her next call.

She said: “It was lovely and very moving, I’m looking forward to doing it again and want to thank Margaret for making it possible.”

Ms Candler said: “It was such a special moment that we were both in tears.

“The phone is all well and good but using Skype is a lot cheaper and you hear so much more.”

It was the first time Mrs Elgie has spoken to her nephew, who moved to Australia when he was 16, since 1980, although they have stayed in touch with letters and occasional phone calls.

Her nephew’s son Trevor visited Mrs Elgie in 2000 when he was visiting the country on his honeymoon.