GENEROUS customers at a Darlington news stand have helped swell the coffers of a charity that supports blind and partially-sighted people.

Market News, in the Covered Market, in Darlington town centre, has collected £500 for the Guide Dogs charity over the past 14 months.

Representatives from the charity presented a certificate to the stall’s owners, Kevin Bland and Amanda Miller, on Thursday (November 8).

Guide Dogs, which is a national charity, has more than 40 collection boxes in Darlington.

Collection co-ordinator Gordon Luhrs (CORR) said the box at Market News is among the best-supported in the town.

Mr Bland said: “We collect, on average, about £10 per week. It is all the bits of change from customers.

“Whenever people say ‘keep the change’, it goes in the box and it soon adds up."

The charity is looking to recruit more volunteers in the Darlington area.

For more information, call 0845-372-7499, email or visit