NEWCASTLE fans face arrest if they travel to the Europa League match against Club Brugge without a ticket, Belgium police have warned

Alan Pardew’s men take their next European foray on November 8 but Commissioner Rudy Saron, of Brugge police, said urged fans not to travel without a ticket. 

He said: “Supporters without a valid ticket for the football match will be prevented from travelling to the stadium and anyone found in the vicinity of the stadium during the whole of match day without a ticket will be arrested. “

No tickets will be sold for the match after the 5th November in any part of the stadium.

"Any Newcastle United supporter found in any part of the stadium other than the allocated away fan section will have their ticket confiscated and be ejected from the ground. “

Fans are also warned that they can be arrested and held for 12 hours if they do not have photographic identity in a public place.

Chief Commissioner Daniel De Groote, of the Federal Police, said: “If anyone arrives at any border control point in Belgium and they are drunk, under the influence of drugs or they are disorderly, they will not be permitted entry into the country. "