ROLAND Rat is the rodent who single-handedly saved TV-AM, famously described as “the only rat to join a sinking ship” in the 1980s. He soon found fame and fortune and has, along with his sidekick Kevin the Gerbil, gone from living in a rundown cave under Kings Cross Station to a home in Beverley Hills - quite literally underneath the famous Hollywood sign. For more details you can follow Roland on Twitter @RolandRat or visit his website

What was your first car?

The Northern Echo:

My first car was a 1953 Ford Anglia sprayed pink. It was a pile of old junk that Kevin the Gerbil bought for £85 from a conman called D'Arcey de Farcey in 1983.

Now 30 years or more later it's a retro classic car innit. One of TV's most famous cars it's worth a fortune. We customised it with a new engine, turbo body, leek shooting headlights like a Bond car, revolving number plates etc ... and called it the Ratmobile!

We have made numerous toys of the vehicle over the years and featured it on t-shirts in books etc.

How many times did it take to pass your test?

What test? l ain’t passed no test, l'm a rodent superstar and as such l do not need to pass a test.

l did try once and we filmed it, the examiner was the most miserable bloke l have ever met. l forgot to take the handbrake off which he reminded me! 

Then of course l hit the car in front of me cos he was makin' me feel nervous. At that point the engine blew up and l called it a day and ain't bothered since!

Kev bought the car, l drive it simple - no insurance, no road tax, don't bother with all that nonsense, l'm famous yeah!

Who would be your ideal fantasy passenger and where would you go?

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My ideal fantasy passenger would be Kim Kardashian and we would drive to Vegas from Los Angeles. We could have a mindless conversation about fame and how you can be famous with little or no talent. 

Actually now l come to think of it, l don't think it would work cos l'd have to have the bucket seats removed to get her famous posterior in!  

What is your dream car?

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My dream car has always been a Rolls Royce but l think they are too ostentatious now and look dated and borin', so l'd rather have an Aston Martin DB5, preferably not sprayed pink, but with an ejector seat so l could get rid of Kev when he irritates me!

How would you describe your driving style?

My drivin' style is that of a superstar rodent. Everyone needs to get out the way when l'm on the road! 

Trouble is everyone stares cos they can't believe they have just seen a living legend on the highway!

Tell me one driving anecdote from your past?

I was stopped by the police in York and asked for licence, insurance etc. l told him l didn't bother with all that rubbish so they impounded the Ratmobile. Before they took the car he naturally asked me for my autograph which l gave him. Then he drove off and left his gold-plated pen with me so l told Kev to forget the car cos the pen was worth more than our pile of old junk. I collect parking tickets too, glove box is full of 'em - superstars can park anywhere, normal rules do not apply! 

What are you listening to?

The music l listen to in the Ratmobile is usually me own, otherwise it would be The National, Die Antwoord, Beirut, Neutral Milk Hotel or These New Puritans.

What do you drive now?

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l still drive the Ratmobile cos it's a retro classic now. We have had it shipped to the US of A where l now live in Ratcave2 under the Hollywood sign. 

We are currently developing a Roland Rat Movie in Tinsel Town!  But l still love all my Ratfans back in Blighty and you can always find me on Twitter or Facebook or at fab fan site yeah!