TWO of the most well-known names in motoring - one local, one national -are joining forces in Durham.

Fred Henderson, one of the region’s longest established car dealers and breakdown service centres launched by one of the region's best known rally drivers, has joined forces with a true British icon; MG. They’re now the main MG dealer for Wearside and Tyneside.

MG is one of the fastest growing car firms in the country and continues to win rave reviews.

The sales figures back up the rising success of MG. Last month, the company announced record sales figures with a year-on-year increase approaching 100 per cent.

These are exciting times for MG. The MG 3 hatchback and recently introduced MG GS family sized sports utility vehicle (SUV) will soon be joined by a supermini SUV. After that you can expect hybrids, estates and even seven-seaters.

“There’s been a Fred Henderson garage in Durham since the early 1970s so, when it comes to dealing with cars, we’ve seen everything,” said managing director, David Henderson, Fred's son.

“We’re now delighted to expand our business into new car sales with one of the most recognisable names in British motoring history, MG. Their cars are exactly what this area of the North East needs; great to drive, comfortable, stylish, well equipped and terrific value.”

The MG range starts with the five-door hatchback, the MG 3 which starts at £8,399. You can personalise your new MG3 with a host of styling touches.

If you need more space and a dominant driving position, there's the MG GS which starts at £14,995 and comes with a five-year warranty.