IN the latest of my cycling club profiles I speak with Steve Walton of Newcastle-based Racing Metro 15. If you want to see your club featured email

Why and when was the club formed?

The club was formed over the winter of 2016/17 to address several issues.

The main one was to try and redress the imbalance of opportunities that youth riders living particularly around the Tyneside region have to live with as Newcastle is one of the few cities that doesn’t have a purpose-built facility, such as a closed road circuit. Some of us felt this immediately put local riders at a disadvantage, or forced parents to travel quite long distances for a one hour coaching session, sometimes on a mid week night. We worked out that if we were to offer a level of support that was a high as it could be, we could narrow the gap quite significantly

What are the aims of the club?

We aim to develop riders that are prepared to work hard and show potential, which most will, and to show them that if they apply themselves, they can achieve things they never would have thought possible.

We’re not looking solely for winners, more aiming to give a rider the chance to show what they’re capable of.

When do you meet and where at?

We have weekend road rides and run the Newburn Racing Academy which takes place on Wednesday evenings during the summer month on a closed off section of Newburn Riverside Park.

We also run a series of sessions on Newburn on a Sunday, when weather permits. We don’t only attract riders from the Newcastle area, but surrounding districts as well.

What type of riders does your club appeal to?

We aim to attract riders who feel they aren’t getting the support that they are at present. A couple of our members weren’t getting what they wanted from their previous clubs and were ready to move or pack the sport in completely.

Essentially, we’re trying to work with clubs who have a rider in this position, and recognise and understand the difficulties.

We work with one of the best L3 coaches in the region and riders, if they race regularly, get support from some of the biggest, best and innovative companies in the business

How much does it cost and what do you get for your membership?

Youth membership costs £10 and Senior £15.

Senior is aimed at parents, or other riders who are keen to mentor and support our riders. Essentially, they’re keen on what we do and want to help us in any way they can.

How can people get in touch?

They can either email me at

They can see a brief idea of what we do on our website or the usual social media channels. Just search for Racing Metro 15.